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Hajj 2024

A & A Travel & Tour Inc (formerly known as Baggia Travel) is the proud partner of Dur Hospitality, working together to help the pilgrims from Canada for Hajj 2024

Hajj 2024/1445 Packages

Kindly register at https://hajj.nusuk.sa if you haven’t done so already. For any assistance, feel free to send us a message. If you created a profile last year, please note that it will no longer be active.

You will need to create a new profile. When prompted to add a flight number, simply input any flight number, for example, SV062 or EK807.

Please look out for the name when searching for packages. Dur Hospitality is one of the largest Hajj & Umrah service providers that has been operating for over 48 years. They have been serving approximately 700 Hajj & Umrah from around the world annually, which is almost one-third of all pilgrims. They have consistently been recognized as an excellent service provider. Some additional changes have been made this year compared to last year:

Types of Packages:

  • Standard non-shifting
  • Premium non-shifting
  • Luxury non-shifting
  • Standard Shifting
  • Premium Shifting
  • Luxury Shifting


Definition of Shifting: A few days before Hajj and 2 days after Hajj (days could vary depending on packages), accommodation will be away from Haram. Choosing these packages saves money, and you still get to enjoy Haram after Hajj when you move to a hotel closer to Haram. Also, depending on the location, it’s easier to commute to and from the Mashair. In a shifting package, pilgrims usually have 3 check-ins and check-outs during their stay.

Mashair: The places a pilgrim stays during the 5 days of Hajj. For example, Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafah.

Non-Shifting: You will check in and check out from the same hotel during your stay in Makkah. Depending on the package you select, the hotels could be closer to Haram. Non-Shifting packages have check-ins and check-outs during their stay and have a shorter duration of days.

Majar Al-Kabsh Camp: Mina camp is located closer to Jamarat, reducing walking distance to Jamarat for pelting on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of Dhul Hijja.

Al-Muaisim Camp: Mina camp is located 4 km from Jamarat, and walking distance is increased during the 3 days. These packages are cheaper than Majr Al Kabsh.

Jamarat: The Jamarat are three stone walls, formerly pillars, which are pelted as a compulsory ritual of Hajj in emulation of the actions of the Prophet Ebrahim (Alyhe Salam). They represent the three locations where Ibrahim (Alyhe Salam) pelted the Shaytan (Satan) with stones when he tried to dissuade him from sacrificing his son Ismail (Alyhe Salam). The pillars are called ‘Jamrat-al-Ula’, ‘Jamrat-al-Wusta’, and ‘Jamrat-al-Kubra’.

E-Wallet: This year, you will be able to add money to your online Nusuk account using your unique IBAN number in advance. We recommend all our pilgrims to do this. This will ensure immediate purchase and confirmation. Refunds from your wallet are just a few clicks away (as advised to us).

Packages: Packages will be uploaded approx. 10 to 14 days in advance. Pilgrims will be able to study them and make decisions accordingly. We advise you to note down our package codes and add them to your favorites.

We can’t wait to see you all, and please reach out to us for further assistance.

Hajj 2024/1445

Non Shifting – No Azizya – Madinah First

Non Shifting – No Azizya – Madinah First

Non Shifting – No Azizya – Madinah First

Special Hajj Package for Canadian Pakistani
passport holder but travel from Canada

Special Hajj Package for Canadian Pakistani
Special Hajj Package for Canadian Pakistani

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