A & A Travel & Tour Inc (formerly known as Baggia Travel)

Police Clearance

In order to obtain Police Clearance from Saudi Embassy, one must submit the following documents:

  • An Original fingerprint form issued by the R.C.M.P, with Original stamp by a notary public or a commissioner of oath.
  • Copy of all documents proving applicant’s residency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (copy of IQAMA, visa, letters of release, passport, etc.)
  • Official letter from a Canadian agency within Canada requesting the police clearance; you must already have a file in progress with an agency or immigration.
  • Proof of applicant’s residency/status in Canada (copy of passport & visa in Canada).

A & A Travel & Tour Inc (formerly known as Baggia Travel) reserves the right to refuse any of the consular services that do not comply with Saudi government’s rules and regulations.

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  • Legalization Procedures.
  • Documentation for Pets.
  • Degrees and Diplomas.
  • Saudi Driving License Certification.