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Student Visa


The sponsor in Saudi Arabia must send you a copy of the acceptance letter form University/collage.

Medical Report

  1. If you require a medical report, the report is valid for only Three months from the date of issue.
  2. Please note that all tests on the Medical form must be completed. These medical tests are available in Canada and their completion is mandatory (few physicians may suggest that the testing is not needed, however it must be completed in order for the Saudi work visa application to be processed).
  3. If the medical report is processed in Canada, it will take approximately two months.
  4. If the medical report is processed outside of Canada, it has to be identical to the medical form at the bottom of this page and testified by the Saudi Arabian Embassy IN THE COUNTRY OF ISSUE.
  5. You MUST confirm with your doctor that you have all required test results INCLUDING (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C).

Please submit:

  1. Visa application form (Typed out or hand written in block letters), please see “Embassy visa application form (Two Pages)” below.
  2. A valid passport for 1 year at least from the application date including the place of birth (Original & one copy). A valid passport for six months at least from the application date, including the place of birth and two blank pages side by side. (Original Only).
  3. One recent (No more than a month old) photographs (4×6 cm) on a plain white background (write name, signature and stamp date on back).
  4. The acceptance letter from the university/college.
  5. The high school diploma and matching transcripts of the student or relevant degree according to the level of education required.
  6. A Completely filled out medical report form that MUST BE:
    1. Valid, less than Three months from the date of issue.
    2. The physician used a CHECK MARK (✔) for POSITIVE RESULTS OR NEGATIVE RESULTS only.
    3. The report certified by college of physicians of the issuing province (Original Only).
    4. Copy of all required test results.
    5. (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C – please attach copy of these test results after the medical report form).
    6. If any of the above 4 results are positive +, then your Doctor must provide a typed explanation of why they are positive. On the other hand, If the results are expressed in a numerical value, then your Doctor must provide a typed explanation that the results are interpreted as Negative and that you do not have the disease. The Doctor’s note must be typed on the Clinic’s letterhead and stamped by their official seal or stamp as well as signed by the Doctor, with their license number appearing beside the signature.
    7. If medical report is done outside of Canada, it must be authenticated by the KSA Embassy in that country.
  7. An original valid Canadian Police Records Check. (Less than three months from the issuing date – you can obtain this certificate simply by NAME SEACH only and no need for fingerprint processing).
  8. Flight Itinerary must be provided with consideration of the following points:
    1. The KSA Embassy has advised that no ticket should be purchased before issuance of the visa.
    2. The KSA Embassy in Ottawa can issue visas that allow travelers to enter KSA by air exclusively. No Entry By Land.
    3. Please ensure that your entry airport is the closest to your sponsor’s location. The port of entry to KSA must be the same or the closest airport to the location of the sponsor. If the sponsor invited the applicant to conduct business/visit in a different city other than the one displayed in the company’s Registration Certificate, the sponsor must provide a letter in Arabic explaining the reason for this. An example can be for conducting business in a another branch/location of the company.